Declaration of Identity

VISION: An integrated, regional, secure food system that is environmentally sound, supports farmers, fosters economic development and expands access to healthy food for all including low income people and children in Pima County. PCFA envisions that:

  •  Investment in local foods drives economic development;
  •  Policy incentives promote biodiversity and agroecology;
  •  Food producer networks/education exists at all levels of production;
  •  Distributing and marketing networks connect local producers and consumers;
  •  Access to healthful, affordable food for all;
  •  Food education and production at a neighborhood level;
  •  Powerful partners advocating for local food at all levels, and
  •  Awareness of how food affects health.

MISSION: Engage community partners to understand and develop our food system through the following strategies:

  • Education: Creating opportunities for coalition members, their families, friends, neighbors, schools, and elected officials to learn about the importance of sustainably growing and eating healthful food as well as relevant food policy issues.
  • Networking: Having a space to meet and learn from other food councils and individuals in the community who are involved in community-based food projects and programs.
  • Outreach: Meeting with and inviting other individuals, organizations, agencies and policy makers to collaborate around the goals of the group.
  • Policy change: Determining what governmental, institutional, and corporate policies are barriers to or opportunities to improve the conditions involved in growing and eating sustainable, local, and healthful food. Work to promote healthy and sustainable policies based on community-wide collaboration.

STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS: The PCFA is working to accomplish its mission and move towards its vision by:

  •  Developing Informed and Effective Local Food Advocates
  •  Expanding Opportunities for Local Food Producers
  •  Connecting People to Their Food and Environment

VALUES: The PCFA’s work is guided by the following values: Understanding, Accessibility, Cooperation, Economic Resilience and Environmental Health.